The ZETA Design Approach

Laguna Tech’s ZETA Aortic Valve is unique. It’s different from the current commercial and clinical Balloon Expandable and the Self-Expandable systems. The ZETA valve leverages the advantages of both balloon-expandable and self-expanding systems by combining materials and features to achieve a design that can simplify positioning and placement with “self-expanding” anchor arms, plus the benefits of balloon-expandable accurate positioning, low pacemaker rates, and low valve height for coronary clearance. Ultimately, the goal is to treat patients who are part of the large unmet need while providing physicians with a system that is easy to use with minimal training.


ZETA Aortic Valve

A state-of-the-art valve design that combines the proven benefits of balloon-expandable valve systems for stenosis with the addition of design features to treat both aortic regurgitation + stenosis.

Designed using industry proven materials, the Zeta Aortic Valve is designed to meet physician needs with a simple, reliable system, and the patient needs by providing a reliable solution to the underserved disease.

ZETA Aortic Valve Benefits

Balloon-Expandable, flexible arms (6) with markers for visibility under fluoroscopy -Easy Adoption, minimal training
-Secure anchoring and accurate positioning
-Commissure alignment
Low Valve Height Improved coronary clearance 
Dry tissue technology – no Glutaraldehyde Eliminates Glutaraldehyde which causes throat and lung irritation
Balloon expanded anchoring mechanism Automatic pinning/anchoring of native leaflets

ZETA Delivery System Benefits

16F Delivery Access SystemAccess more patients with smaller anatomies- increase patient inclusion

Deflection, Rotation, and Telescoping Control

-Easy Adoption, minimal training
-Secure anchoring and accurate positioning
-Commissure alignment
Deflectable delivery catheter for high angulation aortic archesAccess more patients with high angulation aortas
Atraumatic valve sheath coverReduced trauma over the arch

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